121-123 (Germany 2017)


121. Edinburgh-Stuttgart (Easyjet) 10/02/17: Like the flights with Easyjet to Reykjavik and Geneva, the trip to Stuttgart was also becoming a little bit routine. However, thanks to my work, it’s now no problem getting up early in the morning and out to the airport for an early flight. Also, I now have the added bonus of looking out the window on take off, and literally watching my work recede into the distance…

122. Stuttgart-Brussels (Germanwings) 13/02/17: My trip home had been booked with Brussels Airlines, who I’ve flown with a few times with no problem, and I knew I would earn points on my SAS Eurobonus account. But it involved a code-share flight to Brussels first with Germanwings, which they operated on Eurowings’ behalf, as Eurowings was a subsidiary of Lufthansa, a fellow member of Star Alliance along with Brussels Airlines. Clear? Not surprisingly, my newly-downloaded Brussels Airlines app got very confused and wouldn’t let me check-in online, meaning I actually had to do it at the airport by speaking to check-in staff, not something I’ve done for quite a while.

Having finally gotten checked-in, I was looking forward to flying with a new airline (whoever it was that would actually be flying me to Brussels), for the first time. It didn’t look like the flight was particularly busy, as all the passengers squeezed onto the bus quite comfortably, before being ferried out to the (Germanwings) aircraft. And I’d barely sat down before I heard the boarding complete announcement from the cabin crew. Looking around, I had an entire row to myself, and the rows in front and behind were empty. The aircraft was perhaps one-third full. The decor was nice with plain, grey leather seats, the cabin crew were friendly and the buy-on-board menu looked good, although I would have to give it a miss due to ‘budget restraints’. So I was quite surprised when, after take-off, the cabin crew came round and offered everyone a complimentary snack bag, containing a basic sandwich (salami with some mustard), a small packet of Haribo bears and a bottle of water, all tucked inside a neat little Eurowings bag. I was even more surprised when they came around again soon after, offering a choice of tea, coffee or fruit juice. I thought this was supposed to be a budget airline?

Munching on my sandwich, I decided to check out on board entertainment system ,which was offered via wifi to your mobile device; my device connected no problem, and there was loads of content to keep everyone happy; a lot of it was premium and offered at a small price, but there was plenty free stuff too, such as destination guides and moving map etc). This seemed to be a ridiculously good level of service for a budget airline to be offering; I hadn’t really checked any reviews or anything beforehand, so I had no expectations, but this was turning out to be one of the most pleasant short flights I’d ever had. Suitably impressed, I took a moment upon arrival to tell the cabin crew as much whilst I was leaving; they certainly seemed happy to hear it, and I know from experience how much a wee thank you from a happy customer can mean.


123. Brussels-Edinburgh (Brussels Airlines) 13/02/17: I always enjoy flying through Brussels. Message to Simona? Check! Bacon Deluxe meal at Quick? Check! Cans of Jupiler to take home? Check! The only thing that could ruin a connection through Brussels was knowing I had come off a great flight and the next one would be nowhere near as good sadly. This flight was full, and hand luggage was a real problem. Myself and the girl next to me both arrived at our seats to find the bins full on both sides of the aircraft already (fucking jackets and duty-free for the most part, a pet-hate!), and had to sit with our bags stuffed under our seats all the way back to Edinburgh. Actually, the same girl had been sitting next me at the gate, and also ended up on the Airlink too; I probably shoulda spoken to her as I noticed she was listening to LCD Soundsytem and Sleater-Kinney on the flight, oh well. Anyway, suffice to say there were no cute snack bags for the passengers on this leg sadly

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119-120 (Iceland 2016)



119. Edinburgh-Reykjavik (Easyjet) 1/11/16: The Easyjet flight on the first Tuesday of November was becoming a bit of a routine, and it always seems to be notable for some kinda special event. Two years ago had marked the last trip on my passport, and last year had marked the occasion of my 100th flight. This was another special occasion as, for the first time, I actually had someone travelling with me, having convinced Derek that attending Iceland Airwaves with me was the best way to celebrate his upcoming 40th birthday (albeit seven months early). And I had plenty of fun watching him try to escape disaster on Prepare For Impact, easily the best passenger safety simulation game for mobile devices, (though in fairness, I once opened the wrong emergency exit on a water landing, flooding the aircraft and drowning everybody).

This was also the first time I’d flown since starting working in the aviation industry, but, as my company don’t cater for Easyjet, I wasn’t really bothered what they were serving.


120. Reykjavik-Edinburgh (Easyjet) 6/11/16: Another ‘sort-of’ first on this flight home, although not a particularly welcome one; I was introduced to the unwelcome feeling of walking down the steps upon arrival, and being literally able to see my work across the tarmac. Ah well…

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79-80 (Switzerland 2014)


79. Edinburgh-Geneva (Easyjet) 04/10/14: There’s very little to tell about this particular trip: I’d booked it as a quick escape to use up some of the holiday days I’d been in danger of losing. But I do remember the ground staff inviting volunteers from the assembled passengers to check their hand luggage into the hold for free, as the flight was full. This now seems to be the norm on all Easyjet flights I’ve been on since

80. Geneva-Edinburgh (Easyjet) 06/10/14: The only time that I’d ever had a delayed flight before had been right here in Geneva around a year ago. This was the second time, so maybe it’s not such an uncommon occurrence there. It was only an hour, and I wasn’t in any particular hurry to get back to Edinburgh anyway.