119-120 (Iceland 2016)



119. Edinburgh-Reykjavik (Easyjet) 1/11/16: The Easyjet flight on the first Tuesday of November was becoming a bit of a routine, and it always seems to be notable for some kinda special event. Two years ago had marked the last trip on my passport, and last year had marked the occasion of my 100th flight. This was another special occasion as, for the first time, I actually had someone travelling with me, having convinced Derek that attending Iceland Airwaves with me was the best way to celebrate his upcoming 40th birthday (albeit seven months early). And I had plenty of fun watching him try to escape disaster on Prepare For Impact, easily the best passenger safety simulation game for mobile devices, (though in fairness, I once opened the wrong emergency exit on a water landing, flooding the aircraft and drowning everybody).

This was also the first time I’d flown since starting working in the aviation industry, but, as my company don’t cater for Easyjet, I wasn’t really bothered what they were serving.


120. Reykjavik-Edinburgh (Easyjet) 6/11/16: Another ‘sort-of’ first on this flight home, although not a particularly welcome one; I was introduced to the unwelcome feeling of walking down the steps upon arrival, and being literally able to see my work across the tarmac. Ah well…

#easyjet #icelandairwaves2016




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